Hello! I’m Debrah Burleigh.


I am on a mission to help people get their business on the right financial track so they can achieve their goals and build a business they love.


And, I have a long and well-known history of consulting with contractors and businesses, turning their numbers into information that can be used to make better decisions and implement the right systems and processes to manage all the moving parts of their operations more effectively.


As a Business Operations Advisor, QuickBooks Online Pro Advisor, Platinum Business Consultant and Certified Trainer in Sage 50 and Sage One, and IPBC Certified Professional Bookkeeper – I’ve worked with thousands of businesses in a number of industries providing accounting systems design, implementation training & consulting services.


I’m all about using the right combination of technology, systems and processes to streamline progress towards your goals so you can increase your income, profitability and overcome challenges with greater ease and less stress.


Experience has taught me that knowing your financial position and surrounding yourself with a talented team are essential to building a sustainable business.


I’m passionate about being of service, defying obstacles and making profitable ideas happen. I believe what goes around comes around and finding ways to make positive changes in your life and helping others has a timeless ripple effect.


I’m driven by my mission to help people identify and troubleshoot what’s not working or missing in their business so they can implement the right plan of action to improve their cash flow, profit margins and generate more income consistently.



I get energized spending my summers at Kalamalka Lake.

Where you'll find me boating and fishing with my husband who is my soulmate and has been my best friend since we were teenagers and our amazing sons, daughters, and our growing family of spouses and grandchildren.

I believe the things that happen in our lives serve a purpose.

I’ve always been driven, hardworking and committed to my vision and my goals. I’m deeply grateful for the many people who’ve invested their time and expertise to help me achieve what I have on this journey. I believe it's essential to use your strengths to help others in a meaningful way.

A few things you might not know about me.

I love walks on the beach, tropical destinations, horseback riding and barrel racing. If you walk into my home or visit me at the lake you'll find my collection of geckos. I'm passionate about lifelong learning and deepening my knowledge.

I love connecting with people through my work and interests

The relationships I’ve built continue to multiply and at the end of the day it’s all about building relationships instead of networking.

I love my time on the mountain.

Skiing in fresh powder with my family every Christmas and every other chance I get to escape outdoors.

When I’m not crunching numbers or strategizing on profit...

You will find me hiking or working out at the gym.