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“Debrah Burleigh is the classic example of the coming wave of millennials who are rising to the top in the bookkeeping profession. She is a wonderful “ Pain Doctor” solving financial problems for her clients.

Her mission is to help her clients understand the financials behind their business and how to use the numbers to grow their business and increase profitability.

To do that she employees technology to the fullest. She and her staff are up to date on the small business accounting programs and apps that facilitate the provision of outstanding service to her client base. She herself is certified on all of these programs.

But there is far more to Debrah besides building a successful bookkeeping practice. I have known Debrah since 2011. She is a moving bundle of energy and she shares that attribute with her family, friends, colleagues and clients.”

Alan Salmon, ASc, FCPB, PHF

Founder, K2E Canada Inc.

Recognized as Canada’s leading analyst in the area of accounting technology


We help contractors, start ups and indigenous organizations from across Canada grow their business with financial clarity.

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Debrah Burleigh, CPB

Business Operations Advisor

Debrah has been helping people build the business of their dreams for the last 20 years. She founded her accounting solutions firm to help her customers gain financial clarity and better manage their operations so they can achieve their goals and ensure their profitability.

As a Business Operations Advisor and Outsourced Controller she sets up customized accounting systems using the right combination of technology. She’s offers online courses, webinars and 1:1 consulting to guide start ups and emerging growth companies through building the systems that are essential to their profitability and sustainability.

She’s also a bit of an expert on social influence and co-developed an online course for bookkeepers and accountants to learn how to market their services successfully.

She is a recognized expert and certified consultant for Sage and a pro advisor for Quickbooks Online.

She is sought after by companies for her bookkeeping, accounting, business management advisory and training solutions. She was an inaugural member of the Black Swan program through IPBC with Ron Baker. She’s been a featured mentor and endorsed socialite on many panels at industry conferences and events including Sage Summit, Quickbooks Connect and the IPBC Annual Conference. She received the Sage One Influencer award for being an early adopter of cloud technology and she currently serves as a mentor for the BCN Bookkeeper Connection Network.

When she’s not crunching numbers, strategizing with clients, or leading a training event, you’ll usually find her in the mountains or on the lake with her husband, family and grandchildren.