Top 3 Apps To Help You Move Toward Your Financial Goals

Top 3 Apps To Help You Move Toward Your Financial Goals

I’ve been talking to people a lot lately about what works for them. The biggest challenge for most people is figuring out how to ensure the important but not urgent tasks are getting done.

It’s the little things you tend to let fall through the cracks over time that end up costing you more than you realize in time, money and energy. Invoicing, payables, and reviewing financial reports, are important but not always urgent tasks that may fall to the bottom of the priority list when the day-to-day demands start driving your action list.

The good news is some easy to use apps are available that can help you stay organized, prioritize activities and get reminders delivered to your handheld device so you can maintain your focus on what matters most.

A System To Achieve Your Financial Goals

While I haven’t found a one-size to fit all solution,  (Most apps focus on doing a particular task for you), these three apps function as a valuable system you can use to make achieving your financial goals easier:

Stay Organized

Sage One App (For iOS, iPad, and Android)

This easy-to-use and intuitive app is like having a personal assistant with you on your mobile device at all times to handle the money flowing in and out of your business every day. It allows you to record your expenses, connect your bank, credit, and investment accounts, create and send invoices, manage your products and services lists and manage your contacts. You can schedule reminders for recurring invoices or payables. It’ll even give you directions to your contacts location using your mobile navigation. This app also makes it easy to track your personal income and expenses.

We offer a free consult to help you get set up for a free trial and provide you with a discount code if you love the idea of simplifying your accounting. Contact us to book a free consult.

Manage Activities

Asana App (For iOS, iPad, and Android)

Asana is a system of action. It provides you with a simple structure and intuitive workflow to manage all your daily activities from your desktop or mobile device, so nothing falls through the cracks. Set your goals or objectives up as projects, list steps to completion, assign responsibilities and track progress on every project from start to finish. You can attach documents, graphics or presentations or links to files in Dropbox to your projects. You can also

track conversations and turn next steps into tasks with the click of a button. Asana makes it easy to remember what’s most important and prioritize what’s next so you can stay focused and keep your projects moving forward. You can get started for free here.

Get Reminders

CRA Business Tax Reminders App 

If you’ve ever missed a deadline or had to pay a penalty for submitting a late payment to Canada Revenue Agency, you know how much it costs. The CRA Business Tax Reminders App makes it easy to remember your business-related tax deadlines.

You can download the App to get calendar reminders for your CRA business tax due dates sent to you for the following:

  • Installment due dates for individual income tax, corporate income tax, and goods and services tax/harmonized sales tax (GST/HST) accounts;
  • Return due dates for:
    • GST/HST return
    • T2 corporation income tax return
    • T4 information return
    • T5013 partnership information return
    • T1 income tax and benefits return;
  • Remittance due dates for payroll and GST/HST accounts.


All of these apps work great to help you stay on the right financial track so you can keep moving towards your goals with confidence and clarity.

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